Rise of eSports Cryptocurrency : Top 5 Crypto Coins to Watch

What happens when the fastest-growing sports meets the fastest-growing finance technology? You get eSports Cryptocurrency.

ESports are any video games that fans follow, watch matches or contests and attend competition that include winning trophies. There are many games that fall in the eSports category including DOTA2, League of Legends amongst others. Online or digital gaming is where the next generation of fans will be and so eSports are a source of future income. For instance, the largest gathering at an ESports event was for the 2014 League of Legends final in Seoul where 45,000 attended the event at the stadium while 27 million viewed it online.

Cryptocurrencies have become a huge global phenomenon. Most companies are now aware of their importance. More and more people are learning to use them that banks and governments are considering the possibility of them as the currency of the future. The use of cryptocurrencies is now winning eSports fans because naturally money and sports go hand in hand.

Lets now look at the top 5 eSports Cryptocurrencies.


FirstBlood is one of the pioneers of eSports cryptocurrency. It is built on Ethereum. It allows you to directly challenge others players and win rewards. As at September 2017, DOTA2 is the only game that is available on this platform, however the team intends to add more games that can make use of FirstBlood.

FirstBlood aims to eliminate a common bad behaviour in eSports. Players that appear to be losing will disconnect and go missing. There will be a financial penalty for any of this behaviour and forms of cheating or flaming. FirstBlood intends to make the eSports industry more transparent and efficient.

FirstBlood is traded with the symbol 1ST. You can buy FirstBlood on Liqui, Bittrex, Yunbi, HitBTC and EtherDelta exchanges.


NeverDie has recognized that one of the ideal applications of cryptocurrency in the virtual reality space is eSports, and the company has developed cryptocurrencies that are specially designed for it. They have recently launched an Initial Coin Offering to rise funding for a crytocurrency venture. The campaign raised over $2.1 million as of August 1, 2017, exactly one month before its closing.

How can a player use this sports cryptocurrency? NeverDie coins can be fully controlled including send or receive, through MetaMask, Parity and the Mist Browser. It allows users to acquire monetized gaming tokens, items, and other attributes.

CEO Jon Jacobs considers betting is an ingredient to esports and a way for gamers to earn meaningful income. An interesting thing about this cryptocurrency is, potential investors, love them because they aim to create jobs with coins for mining, gaming and working.

How can you get more NeverDie?

Well, you can mine the coin inside games, you can win the coin as a prize in various games, or you can buy it from the HitBTC exchange.

No Limit Coin  

For years, there’s no question about fantasy games being the sport of those who could not play the actual sports. And for most gamers, winning online fantasy games is rewarding. No Limit Coin aims to provide even more reward by powering online fantasy game with using the cryptocurrency technology. No Limit Fantasy Sports is a fantasy sports betting platform with soccer, American football, basketball and hockey as available sports you can bet on. This is where the No Limit Coin comes in, instead of using currencies such as the US Dollar, No Limit Fantasy Sports uses its own cryptocurrency. No Limit Fantasy Sports aims to provide players with far better rates than its competitors, ending the effective monopoly large fantasy sports betting platforms have over the marketplace.

Why do players choose to use this cryptocurrency?

The answer is simple, it is free from any political borders and could be used in other countries around the world, not just in the United States. It easily makes betting more convenient, wherever the gamer is. The platform is currently opened for soccer with other sports planned to be made available soon.

The coin is traded as NLC2 and is currently listed on the Yobit, Nova, C-Cex, Coinexchange and Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchanges.


The goal of GameCredits is pretty bold. Their mission is to turn GameCredits into a globally-recognized universal currency of the entire gaming world. The developers, being gamers themselves understand the need of the gaming industry to have its own currency for the benefit of players all over the world. Aside from games and game developer apps, their products include their own currency. There are exchanges, stores, and mining. Players can definitely make the most out of gaming. GameCredits was founded in 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia and has since expanded into a 100-people team spread across 10 offices in five countries. The company continues to grow with the gaming community.

GameCredits close ‘cousin’ MobileGo, is claimed to be the largest ever crowd-funded cryptocurrency. It is a crypto-centric mobile gaming Platform and store which allows in-game purchases.


Skincoin is designed by experienced professionals for use within game eco-systems and eSports. Gamers can trade in-game goods in a number of popular games that include Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA2, and much more. These games are some of the most played games online making it more attractive to gamers. SkinCoin can also be used in place bets in sports. The potential figures for the use of this crypto coin continue to rise, and even grow double, enabling SkinCoin to sign partnerships with other online gaming companies. At the same time with the eSports industry, to broaden its use.

The SkinCoin team is expected to introduce APIs for accepting SKIN payments on third party game services.

Its Initial Coin Offering campaign went live on June 21, 2017. About 88,000 SKINS were sold during the campaign. SkinCoin is currently traded on Etherdelta, Mercatox, Cryptopia and HitBTC exchanges.

eSports Cryptocurrency and its challenges 

Gaming and sports being a huge and dynamic industry, it is seen fit to be one of the industries that will lead the way in the revolution of the future of money. The world has come to the point where digital currencies are ubiquitous even in sports and gaming, the main challenge here now is which sports cryptocurrency to invest your money.

These cryptocurrencies attempt to bridge the gap between two large domains. It is going to be interesting to see how some of these crypto coins make it to the larger eSports events.

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