Monero News – August 2017

Monero is gaining a lot of press. My beginner’s guide to Monero was well appreciated by the community. I have decided to provide the Monero and general cryptocurrency community with an update on the latest Monero news.

Monero Price

The price of Monero as on 11 August 2017 is $50.09. Refer to the chart below from CoinMarketCap.

Monero News - Aug 2017 - Coinmarketcap

MinerCircle – New Monero Mining Pool announced

MinerCircle ( is a new mining pool that was recently launched. This mining pool provides 1 second hash rate and an average hash rate of 700 KH. It also offers multiple ports to connect to including port 443 (over SSL). The creator of the pools claims that it is the fastest and most stable monero pool. One cool feature it offers registered users is to change the payout address without having to change settings for the mining client.

So, what do the Monero miners think about this one?

Monero 23 XMR Challenge

The guys behind are testing you to find a way to track Monero transactions. The challenge is relatively simple to understand but a difficult one to complete. You are given the address and the private view key of a source Monero wallet. 23 moneroj have been transmitted using multiple transactions to a destination wallet. Your challenge is to find the address of the final Monero wallet. The deadline for the contest is 16 August 2017.

So hurry and get cracking. Can you beat the Monero 23 XMR Challenge?

Use Monero to pay bills in Australia

Monero News - August 2017

Anyone from the Land Down Under? Users living in the Australia can use Monero to pay bills. The site to visit is You can use the site to pay your electricity, rego, phone, credit card bills using cryptocurrencies. You can pay any bill that has the BPAY logo and Biller Code. The site does not charge direct fees, but makes its profit from the currency spread. Another good aspect for you is that you do not need to sign-up on their site.

Which other country has this facility. Let me know.

Bitbay supports Monero in India

Indians are going to get their Monero easier now. With the Polish exchange house, Bitbay deciding to open up in India, it might be a signal for others too. The investors in India were currently reliant on bitcoin-only trading platforms such as Unocoin and Zebpay. BitBay will support Monero along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and 4 other altcoins. The exchange is planning to start beta on August 14 and go live from August 24.

How many from India will make use of this new Monero exchange?

That is a wrap of the Monero news that I came across in the first few days of August. Do let me know what you think about any of the above. Also, please share this on your favorite social media network to let your friends know.

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